Viral Swarmers
Viral Swarm


Recycled Minion


27 cubits


23 cubits


Viral Blasters

Viral Swarmers are small fighters with light weaponary created from the mouth of Morg.


Mindless and unrelenting, these drones attack in swarms, and through sheer numbers can overtake large enemies and disrupt angel missions. Created from a crude mixture of low level minion matter and Nethercell scrap material, they were originally spewed from the stone-infected demon Morg.


After Morg devoured the Valkawa Underworld, he then attacked the angels in their vehicles. Morg released the viral swarmers from his mouth to attack the Merk-7 the first wave was destroyed by Arianna and the second by Paladin's Fly-Cycle. The rest along with Morg were smashed when Swift destroyed the Nethercell


  • The viral swarmers were released from Morg's mouth proving the Biblcal truth in Matthew 12:34 "Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks."

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