VICTORIA STYLES is the beautiful super model that Cubus disguises herself as. The actual Victoria is never

Cubus disguised as Victoria

shown in the movie.

False VictoriaEdit

Needing a form of energy to awaken Morg, Cubus shapeshifts into a Victoria Styles lookalike and sneaks into Norman's office to talk to him. Norman tells her about the skin regenerating cream that he's been testing, and false Victoria takes the beaker and slips an energy-draining collar into the cream. False Victoria then invites Norman to pitch the idea for the skin regenerating cream to some big-time investors with her, but he avers that the cream isn't ready yet. False Victoria leaves a plane ticket with Norman before exiting his office.

Later, Norman waits for Victoria when she comes out of the Styles Cosmetics building and disappoints her by not bringing the cream along with him. Norman returns to his lab and slaps on the cream, allowing the spiritual collar Cubus slipped into the cream to clamp around Norman's neck.

Driving his car to catch up with lookalike Victoria's limo, Norman's negative energy becomes channelled into Morg via the invisible necklace. Kira manages to break false Victoria's grasp on Norman by whispering words of encouragement into his ear and bolstering his self esteem.

Real VictoriaEdit

The real Victoria Styles is likely a model-turned-entrepreneur and the owner of the Styles Cosmetics company, the brand featured on the billboard outside Norman's laboratory. When Cubus, disguised as Victoria, first visits Norman, she invites him to attend a business meeting she's hosting with some big-time investors. This would probably indicate that the real Victoria Styles is a CEO of this company.


  • Her job is never truly stated.
  • Her redemption card is titled "Worldly Woman"
  • Victoria Styles is voiced by Jessica Gee.

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