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  • I live in a three-dimensional world (hopefully)
  • I am a human (probably)
Hi, I am the co-founder of this wiki, and friend of BornagainJesusfreak. Angel wars episode 3 is my favorite movie. I own 139 of the Angel Wars Redemption Cards.
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I love Minecraft

About meEdit

I am the most active user on this wiki and am happy to be part of a wiki with which I can explain my beliefs just a little. I would be happy to share my faith to anyone on my message wall or User:Guardian Force's.

Please RememberEdit

Angel Wars is used to remind us that their is spiritual warfare going on around us. The things in angel wars did not actually take place other than The Great War. The Bible does
Hand Maker

The Maker

say the Maker, the Dragon, angels, and demons exist. The only named angels in the Bible are Michael and Gabriel. Both angels and demons have power and can influence humans. Also remember it is The Maker who is the most important, not angels, some will study angels too much and forget that the creator is the most important. You may contact me for more information.

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