Training room1

Eli and Kira in the training room

The Training Room is the training center for Anawim in The Seven.


In the beginning of Episode 1: About Face, Eli and Kira practiced in the training room to guard and watch an eleven-year-old boy. The training room transformed in to a city with a candy store. The boy went into the candy store and was thinking about stealing candy. In the mission, Kira followed Arianna's orders, but when Eli saw an Obsidian Minion, he quickly dashed into action. Unfortunately he ran into a trap of Obsidian Minions. Thinking quickly, Eli used his DRP to make false images of himself and trick the Obsidian Minions. He defeats them, but the boy is enticed and steals the candy. The training room then returns to its regular form and Eli and Kira are corrected by Arianna.


  • The training room had an alarm go off if the anawim failed their mission.
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