The Seven
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Celestial Cruiser


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Divine Cannon

The Seven is the Guardian Force's flagship and is commanded by archangel Michael.


Flagship of the Powers fleet, the SEVEN is commanded by Archangel MICHAEL. A mobile fortress, this formidable cruiser allows direct contact with the MAKER through it's holy chamber, and with a belly of ships and tactical weaponry, it possesses the ultimate firepower to carry out His will.


The Seven was used in The Great War but it is unknown exactly what it did. However, we do know it was one of Discord's primary targets. After the Great War, the Seven became the mobile base of The Guardian Force and the angels could deploy to their assignments. The Seven does not have many roles in the movies other than Episode 3: Grace and Glory in which Eli uses its lower turret to fight Morg. During the fight, The Seven damaged its engine but Que and Eli repaired it.
The seven

The Seven

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  • The Seven probably gets its name from the fact that seven is a perfect number as mentioned numerous times in the Bible.

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