Great War intro

The Great War in the intro

"That's right the Great War" -Paladin to Eli

The Great war is when 1/3 of the angels turned into demons and tried to overthrow The Maker.


Although there were many battles in the Great War, Angel Wars only names a few. One major battle at the front lines was shown in Some Sound Advice, when Paladin, and Ramuel were fighting against the invincible Demon Discord. In the battle Ramuel asked Paladin to retrieve the unbreakable sword Caliburn from Archangel Michael. When Pal returned with Caliburn, it was too late. Discord had already captured Ramuel's Battlecrusier and froze all its crew in stone. Even Caliburn, broke when Paladin used it against Discord. Fortunately, he was saved by his mechanic Paddy. Then Paladin had a great idea. They forged the shards of Caliburn into starblades. And defeated Discord in the Pylon Room by creating harmonic music.

Great War

A space battle in the Great War

Another battle was mentioned by Swift who was probably a commander in the Great War. All that he mentions is that half of his squad was killed by Ripwings.

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