"Ready to rumble sir" -Swift

Class Powers
Rank Guardian
Weapon of Choice Hammer
Wingspan 20 cubits
Vehicle Tank
Color Orange
Height 7ft 3in

SWIFT is the strongest and wields a very heavy hammer. He is also the heaviest Angel weighing a whopping 350 pounds.


SWIFT is a hammer-wielding giant who barely speaks. But don't be fooled-- his wisdom comes from an inner peace and contemplation. Noble in spirit, he nevertheless enjoys playing the scoundrel, contriving devious exercises in "character-building"... especially for Anawim. In battle though he is all business, and with the strength of a thousand Samson, he and his hammer are not to be trifled with.


Episode 1Edit

In Episode 1, Swift is given a mission to stop Graven. Thus he deploys and is not seen anytime else in episode 1.

Episode 2Edit

Swift's story continues in episode 2 when he easily saves a small village from Graven's volcanic eruption caused by Morg's Foundation Stone. Swift attacks Graven's base making light work of his Panic Demons and with Graven fleeing. After chasing Graven through several corridors, Graven slams into Morg, who snatches the stone and kills Graven. Swift soon finds Graven dead but then is struck by Morg through the stone's powers. Fortunately, Swift recovers after being rescued by the rest of the Guardian Force.

Episode 3Edit

In Episode 3 Swift aids Michael in finding the captured Arianna and stopping Morg. Swift pilots the Merk-7, and shoots at the stone-infested demon Morg; but to no avail. Michael orders Swift then, to destroy the cavern in which they are fighting in, by destroying the 4 pillars supporting it. Swift proceeds to destroy the pillars bringing the cave down on Morg.


Swift's redemption card

Return to SenderEdit

When the messengers Ramuel and Cameron are pinned by Ripwings, Swift quickly deployed a shield around them and destroyed a few ripwings with the help of Eli and Kira. Swift then carries the injured archangel Ramuel and bravely engages the Ripwings to buy Eli, Kira, and Cameron time. After destroying many waves of ripwings, Swift is struck from behind and falls to the ground. When Swift gained conscience, he found himself imprisoned with Ramuel by the ripwings. Both were saved thanks to the message delivered by Eli and Kira. Swift then makes small repairs in a church where Cameron hid.


Swift is wise and will do his mission effectively. He enjoys destroying demons for fun and he dreams of bowling for demons. Swift however hates demons who sneak up behind him such as Morg or the Ripwings.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Swift wields his giant hammer he named Kiogen. He is also equipped with small detonators which he uses to destroy Graven's command ship. Swift also has large Angel gauntlets that he used to absorb a blast by Graven.



  • Swift is an adjective used to describe angels as in Daniel 6.
  • Swift's favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 12:21 which says, "No harm befalls the righteous but the wicked have their share of trouble."
  • Swift is voiced by John Daniels.

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