Sticking Together is the fourth episode in The Messengers.

Eli goo

Eli in Goo


Eli and Kira have been stripped of their Wingboards because of punishment. They are assigned to protect a Little Girl who is cleaning up a dirty littered street. Eli finds the mission boring, but Kira feels sympathy for the girl and wishes she could help her. As the girl is cleaning, she finds an old man who says to her, "You will never finish cleaning this mess." Eli however is suddenly distracted when he sees a small slimy bug that gives off a green glow. Eli pursues the bug and eventually takes Katana and smacks it away. Kira then decides to find out more about the creatures and find that there is a high concentration of them in a deserted building. Eli and Kira investigate. They fight many small bugs and find the queen. Alone, Eli and Kira cannot do any damage to it. They are both knocked into a pile of goo where they become stuck to each other. However, they work together defeat the queen. Meanwhile the Little Girl finishes cleaning the street with the help of the old man.



  • The little girl and old man had to work together to clean up trash, while Eli and Kira will literally stuck together in goo but managed to defeat the queen.

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