Some Sound Advice is the first episode in The Messengers.

Paladin teaches Eli


Eli is upset about the fact that in order to get his Wings he must first pass a music test. Getting upset with the fact that he can't play well he uses his wingboard to fly away and throws his instrument as far as he can. Paladin finds Eli sulking on the roof of The Seven and tells him a story about how through music he saved The Seven. Paladin, who is now an anawim, is then shown running down the hall way of Ramuel's battle cruiser and Ramuel tells Paladin to retrieve the unbreakable sword Caliburn from Michael in The Seven. Paladin then finds Paddy to get his Airboard and flies away. When Paladin arrives at the Seven, he is stopped by young Arianna then Eli says out of nowhere "It is hard to imagine Arianna as an anawim," Paladin then says "Now who's telling this story," and he continues. Arianna brought Paladin to Michael and Morgan who guards the unbreakable sword. After a little bit of debate over the sword, Michael gives Caliburn to Paladin. Paladin then hurries back to what was Ramuel's battle cruiser and finds the Demon commander Discord. He swings the sword at him but the sword mysteriously breaks into shards. Paladin is saved by Paddy who takes his hammer and taps on wall to make music and takes him to a safe pylon room. Paladin then has the idea that the music can defeat Discord. When he taps a pylon it makes a nice sound, which gives Paladin the idea to reforge the shards of Caliburn into starblades. When Discord attacked Paladin through his starblades making them bounce off pylons and hitting others. The harmony of the music killed Discord. Paladin then received his wings from Michael and Ramuel. His tale finished, Eli quickly flies to get his instrument and starts practicing with Kira in the library and they become masters in no time.


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