"Clever, but clever won't do it kid." - Ripwing Leader to Cameron

Ripwing leader

SLITHERHOOK commands the Ripwings. He is larger than the other Ripwings and has a beard.


During The Great War, the ripwing leader and his squad killed half the angels in Swift's squad. In The Messengers episode Return to Sender, the ripwing leader and his envoy Octopulous try to stop Messengers Ramuel and Cameron from delivering a message to a little girl. They injure Ramuel and surround the messengers but are held back temporarily when Ramuel activates a bottle of hope. Cameron calls for guardian back up and Swift, Eli, and Kira fly to the rescue. Swift then puts up a shield around the angels. The ripwings were unable to breach the shield but the ripwing leader reminds them of their stingers. The Anawim then retreat underground but Swift decides to fight the ripwings. Swift is defeated and he and Ramuel are captured by the ripwing leader. The ripwing leader later fights Cameron in a church, but the message is delivered before he can kill Cameron. When the message was delivered, the ripwing leader, like the other ripwings, disintegrated because of the hope that flowed throughout the city.


Concept art of Slitherhook


  • The Ripwing Leader gave Octopulous his special eye.
  • The Ripwing leader eats red worms.
  • According to How to Draw Angel Wars bonus features and the Messengers credits, the Ripwing Leader's name is Slitherhook.

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