SLITHER DEMONS are snake-like demons with arms. They are ruled by the demon Ogrid. Two are shown in The Messengers episode A Bone to Pick and were destroyed by Og in a dairy farmer's field.


The episode A Bone to Pick begins with a scene in which Eli and Kira defeat a horde of demons loitering around a museum construction site. After the anawim leave to return to the Seven, the camera moves inside the museum where two serpentine demons usher their decrepit leader Ogrid over to what looks to be a sauropod dinosaur display. Ogrid informs his slimy minions that he wishes to retire, to which one of the demons replies without irony, "You cannot retire, my liege! Who will rule us mercilessly?" - indicating that these demons perhaps exhibit a bit of a masochistic streak.

Ogrid then says that only his true heir may rule in his stead, and one of the demons rightly points out that Ogrid's only son has been dead for a millenium. Ogrid then floats over to the dinosaur display and reveals that the bones on display are actually those of his son Ogrid, Jr. (Og), mistaken for dinosaur bones by "ignorant humans." The slither demons spit at the sound of the word "humans" to show their contempt for the Maker's favorite creation. After Ogrid brings the rearranged bone display back to life using a magic pendulum, the newly reanimated Og busts out of the museum to go on a rampage.

Ogrid and the two slither demons manage to locate the angry Og on the outskirts of the city in a dairy farmer's field. Ogrid commands his slithery minions to seize Og, but they are not shown to be successful at doing so. When Eli and Kira show up at the demon battle, the demons slither over to the angels. At this point, Og pounds the earth so hard that he causes a rupture in the ground. The slither demons return to their master Ogrid's side and are vaporized by a bolt of energy Og aims in his father's direction.


  • As they slide around, the slither demons emit a rattling noise, which perhaps indicates that they have rattles on their tails.

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