Return to Sender is the fifth and last episode in The Messengers.


The story starts when Messengers Ramuel and Cameron are trying to deliver a message in a city filled of demons. Ramuel and Cameron try to outrace the Ripwings pursuing them. Unfortunately, Cameron stumbles and Ramuel and Cameron hide under a hanging canopy. Cameron then accidentally drops the scroll containing the message and moves to get it. Unfortunately, the ripwing Octopulous strikes toward Cameron. At the last moment, Ramuel pushes Cameron and takes the blow instead. Ramuel then activates a bottle of hope which repels the ripwings while Cameron calls for backup. The Guardian angels respond quickly sending Eli, Kira, and Swift to fend off the ripwings. After a quick battle, Swift uses Kiogen to create a shield around the angels. Swift then orders the Anawim to go underground to avoid the ripwings while he fights to buy time. After the anawim go underground, Swift lays Ramuel on his shoulder, deactivates the shield, and flies in the air to fight the ripwings. Swift defeats many ripwings but one of them sneaks up behind him and strikes him in the back. Swift falls to the ground and he and Ramuel are captured. Meanwhile, Cameron explains to Eli and Kira that the message will lead the way to the recipient. Later, Cameron accidentally, drops the message in a large pile of trash. Eli dives in to the pile and finds the message but a giant trash monster starts attacking them. Fortunately, the anawim escape thanks to Cameron's speed. The anawim then device a plan. The ripwing Octopulous spots the angels climbing out of a manhole and the Ripwing Leader sends his minions after Cameron. Eli and Kira race to deliver the message and find that the recipient is a young girl that was praying over her injured brother. Meanwhile, Cameron runs from the ripwings and makes sharp turns which make many ripwings fall including octopulous. Unfortunately, the ripwing leader corners Cameron in a church but Eli delivers the message to the girl by whispering into her ear, "He's going to be okay." At this message of hope, the ripwings disintegrate and Swift and Ramuel are freed. The Little Girl then walks into the church and says, "Angels" to her mother.


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