"Rise, and fly, angel." - Ramuel to Paladin

Class Messenger
Rank Archangel
Weapon of Choice Bottled Hope
Wingspan Unknown
Vehicle The Awes
Color Orange
Height Unknown

RAMUEL is the messenger Archangel. He commands The Awes.


Great WarEdit

During The Great War, Ramuel had Paladin retrieve the sword Caliburn. Unfortunately, Discord used a powerful weapon which froze him in stone and captured his ship The Awes. Paladin saved the day however when he used Caliburn to defeat Discord.
Stone Ramuel

Return to Sender Edit

Speed and Stealth

When he and Cameron had to deliver a message to a young girl, he jumped in front of Cameron to shield him from a Ripwings' stinger. Cameron then called for backup and Swift, Eli, and Kira came to their aid by putting up a shield around them. Swift then took Ramuel on his back and engaged the ripwings in combatbut when Swift was struck from behind both he and Ramuel were captured. Once the message was delivered the ripwings perished and Swift and Ramuel were freed.


Ramuel, like Arianna takes his job very seriously. He is steadfast, wise, and is persistent in bringing the message of hope to a fallen world.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

As a Messenger, Ramuel is gifted with great speed. He, like all Messengers, does not have any weapons so he uses bottles of hope to fend off Demons.


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