"I am not a demon!"
Class Imp
Rank None
Weapon of Choice None
Wingspan None
Vehicle Moped
Color Green
Height Unknown
"I'm a class nine spiritual entity which makes me, practically a cherub"

-Que to Eli

QUE is an annoying imp who is captured by Paladin.


Somewhere between the Good Guys (Angels) and the Bad Guys (Demons) lies Que. An imp of dubious reputation, he has helped our heroes (albeit for selfish reasons) enough times to earn probation status on The Seven. Gifted in
Cmon Que

Que is captured by Paladin

mechanics, Que also attracts bad luck like an industrial magnet - if something is going to crash,
Que (AW)

Que's Redemption Card

burn, or explode, it's a sure bet it'll be in Que's immediate vicinity.


In Episode 2: Blue Moon, Que is taken into custody by Paladin for road rage. Que confesses he built a power socket for Graven and is locked up in The Seven's interrogation chamber. In Episode 3: Grace and Glory, Que is under the watch of Eli in the Seven's turret where they man the lower guns. However when the engine is damaged, Que teaches Eli how to repair the engines. Unfortunately, Que is sucked in toward the engine, but Eli saves him. Later, Que is released by Michael from detention.

Mind your P's and Q'sEdit

In "Watch Your P's and Q's," a bonus episode on Angel Wars: The Messengers, it is revealed that Que let the demons into the imp planet during the Great War. He also lets demons into the Seven while supposedly helping Paladin come to the aid of Swift. Here it is revealed that Que and the Ripwings have worked together for centuries. Que acknowledges both, but claims that they were accidents. At the end of the episode, it is heavily implied that both were acts of treachery when he deletes the Seven's ship log.


  • Que is voiced by the angel wars creator Chris Waters
  • Que is classified as a demon in his Redemption Card
  • Que claims that guns make him get hives
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