"I make my own destiny!" - Professor Destiny's catchphrase

PROFESSOR DESTINY is a comic book character and research scientist Norman Kuburt's favorite superhero. The Professor is a bespectacled blonde with a highly muscular physique. On the cover of issue #1 of his series, Professor Destiny is shown ripping open his lab coat a la Superman, indicating that the Professor must be some sort of researcher academic.

Professor Destiny is clearly Norman Kuburt's double throughout episode one: both men are scientists who, each in their own way, want to save the world. Presumably, Professor Destiny uses his brawn to rescue humans like most other superheroes, while Norman uses his brain to discover the formula for a cream that will aid burn victims by creating new skin when the cream is applied. To further emphasize the link between the two men, Norman's sarcastic robot Muriel nicknames Norman "Professor Destiny."


The first time viewers see Norman Kuburt, he is getting on an elevator with a flask of green solution in one hand and a copy of issue #1 of Professor Destiny in the other. When the elevator reaches the floor of Norman's lab, Norman excitedly tells his robot assistant Muriel that he's finally landed a copy of the first issue of his favorite comic. Muriel then asks Norman the password to the top-secret laboratory by prompting him to fill in the rest of the following phrase: "When the future's in peril, it's a hero we need!" Norman puts his fists bravely on his hips and mimics his hero, exclaiming, "I make my own destiny!" Muriel accepts the pass code and allows Norman to enter the lab.

To Norman's great surprise, the famous supermodel/entrepreneur Victoria Styles is in his lab, although in reality, it's the demon Cubus disguised to look just like Victoria. False Victoria slips an invisible spiritual collar into the cream formula Norman has been working on and presses Norman to come along with her to meet with some investors about marketing his skin rejuvenating cream as a cosmetic. When Norman insists that he's still in the testing phase of the project, Victoria leaves a plane ticket with him and exits his work space.

Norman tries to catch up with Victoria later at her office, but she rebuffs him when it's clear that he hasn't brought the cream along with him. Tired of being pushed around his whole life, Norman returns to the lab, grabs the beaker of cream, and slathers a layer of it on his face. As he does so, his collectible copy of Professor Destiny falls into the trash bin. Looking down at the garbage can, Norman says, "Goodbye, Professor Destiny! Hello, Victoria." He then gets in his car and speeds through many intersections to catch up with False Victoria in her limo.

Realizing that Cubus is just using Norman's negative energy to bring the demon Morg back to life, Kira races after Norman. Using her wingboard to dispatch Cubus's minion Shadow, Kira breaks the invisible collar around Norman's neck and exhorts him to be true to himself instead of pretending to be someone he's not. Norman instantly comes back to his senses and returns to his lab.

Once back in the lab, Norman fishes his prized copy of Professor Destiny from the trash and begins perusing it, indicating that Norman's life seems to have returned to normal.


  • Issue #1 of Professor Destiny is dated September 5

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