"We like to think of ourselves as, fashionably late." - Paladin to Arianna

PALADIN is a guardian angel who earned his wings before Arianna. He is sometimes just called "Pal" for short.

Class Powers
Rank Guardian
Weapon of Choice Starblades
Wingspan 14.5 cubits
Vehicle Fly-Cycle
Color Blue
Height 6ft 4in


Smooth-talking, amicable, he remembers what it was like to be young and inexperienced, and is great at getting down and talking to anawim on their level. Famous before The Great War broke out in Heaven, he prefers not to talk about his past. It is said the only thing faster than Paladin's hands is his wit, and he uses both to great effect whether he tossing his star-blades or riling up an opponent with a well-timed joke.


Great WarEdit

When Paladin was an Anawim during The Great War he was summoned by Ramuel to retrieve Caliburn the

Paladin almost runs over Arianna

unbreakable sword. Paladin quickly grabbed his Airboard from Paddy and flew to The Seven and received the sword from Michael and raced back to Ramuel's command cruiser, only to find that it had been captured by the demon Discord. Paladin engaged Discord but Discord proved too strong. Paladin then took Caliburn and with all his might swung Caliburn at Discord but the unbreakable sword broke. Paladin was rescued however when Paddy used his hammer to smack the metal wall. The sound injured Discord allowing Paladin to escape. Paddy took Paladin to a pylon room which Paladin realised that the melodic sound would hurt Discord. He then had Paddy reforge Caliburn into starblades. When Discord attacked, Paladin threw the starblades at the pylons which bounce off of them and hit more pylons making a melodic sound that killed Discord. After this battle, he was promoted.

Paladin as an anawim

Episode 1Edit

In Episode 1 Paladin is given mission by Arianna to monitor traffic duty.

Episode 2Edit

In Episode 2 Paladin takes Que into custody for building a power socket for Graven and road rage. Then he and Michael are called to stop a transformed cargo bot. Paladin uses his starblades to cut the robot's flamethrower, chainsaw, spinning blade and gun. Then the robot grows green necks with sharp mouths at the end but Paladin manages to hold it off until Michael throws it into a chasm.

Michael and Pal face the robot

Episode 3Edit

In Episode 3, Paladin drives his Fly-Cycle into battle and helps destroy Viral Swarmers that attack Swift's tank the Merk-7 before retreating from the Nethercell with the rest of the angels. Some time later, Paladin teaches Eli his experiences as an Anawim which inspires Eli to learn music.

Paladin, the Fighter (AW)

Pal's Redemption card


Paladin is known for his jokes he can make light in a battle whenever and wherever. Paladin is also good at empathising with anawim. He is also sometimes very foolish such as when he nixes a tower.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Paladin currently wields his starblades named Hoshi. He wielded Caliburn for a little while during the Great War. He might have had a different weapon as an Anawim.


"Smells like rat to me." -Paladin to Que

"That was too easy" -Pal to Michael

"Perhaps you'll think twice about nixing the tower." -Arianna to Paladin



  • Paladin means "a person who fights for a cause" a hero/holy fighter
  • Paladin's favourite Bible verse is 2 Corinthians 11:1 which says, I hope you will put up with a little bit of my foolishness; but you are already doing that.
  • Paladin is voiced by Borris McLardy.

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