is the primary tool cherub Paddy, a mechanic, uses in his workshop on the Awes.


In the episode Some Sound Advice, Paladin comforts the anawim Eli when he complains about there being a musical requirement for guardians to earn their wings. Paladin tells the story from the Great War of the time Ramuel sent Pal to fetch the great sword Caliburn from the Seven and bring it to the Awes to fight the demon Discord. But when Paladin completes the mission and transports Caliburn back to the Awes, the only one left aboard is Paddy. Paddy counsels Paladin to hide, but he insists that as a guardian, he is obliged to fight.

Paladin and the demon Discord find each other easily aboard the ship and get into a completely one-sided fight, with Discord beating Paladin very easily. At just that time, Paddy shows up wielding his formidable wrench and calling Discord out. Paddy then throws his wrench at Discord's head. Using his sound wave attack, Discord blasts Paddy into one of the Awes's hall walls. When the wrench hits the pipes on the back wall, it makes a pleasing sound, which causes the melody-hating demon pain. Seizing the opportunity to escape, Paddy scoops up Paladin on his airboard and shuttles him to the Awes's pylon room.

Back at the engine room, Paladin comes up with the idea of luring Discord down into the pylon room and banging on the pylons to make music, which will destroy Discord. Paladin then grabs Paddy and rides out to where Discord is to lure him into the engine room. When Paddy asks why he has to be the bait, Paladin replies, "Because you're cute." Offended, Paddy threatens facetiously, "Call me cute one more time, and I'll give you a two-wrench tune up."

When Paddy and Paladin finally manage to lure Discord back to the engine room, Paladin uses Hoshi to strike notes on the engine room's pylons, while Paddy does the same thing with his hammer and wrench. As the sweet music plays, Discord falls apart to reveal that he is just a cherub in a set of large armor. Discord begs for his life, but Paddy asks, "May I strike the last note?" and uses the wrench to hit the pylon one last time. At the sound of the last note, Discord turns to dust.


  • Even though it appears that Paddy loses his wrench when Discord throws Paddy against one of the walls in the Awes, Paddy is obviously seen with wrench later many times.

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