"May I strike the last note?" - Paddy to Paladin.


PADDY is a cherub mechanic who built Paladin's Airboard and forged Hoshi from the shards of Caliburn. 


During The Great War, Paddy played an important role in defeating Discord. When Paladin was knocked to the ground by Discord, Paddy saved Paladin by tapping his hammer against a wall making a nice rhythmic sound that injured Discord. Paddy took Paladin to a safe room filled of pylons. Paladin then asked Paddy to turn the shards of Caliburn into throwing stars. Paddy built the throwing stars and worked with Paladin to set a trap. Paddy then made Discord pursue him into the pylon room and tapped the pylons with his hammer making music which destroyed Discord's armor revealing a small demon- a cherub, controlling a large suit of armor. Paddy then struck the last note in the song he and Pal had made and Discord disintegrated.

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