OGRID'S PENDULUM is a small, magical green globe that lord of the slither demons Ogrid keeps chained to a bony finger on his right hand in the Messengers episode A Bone to Pick.


Desiring to retire from his leadership of the slither demons, Ogrid and two of his minions enter the Grant Valley Museum of Natural History to locate the bones of Ogrid's long-dead son Ogrid, Jr. Pointing out a display of dinosaur bones in the museum, Ogrid reveals that "ignorant humans" have mistaken the fossilized remains of Ogrid, Jr. for dinosaur bones. He also says that no one may take over leadership of the slither demons except his one true heir, Ogrid, Jr.

Using magic from his green glowing pendulum, Ogrid reanimates the bones of his son, fully expecting him to accept his destiny as king of the slither demons no questions asked. Not only does the reanimated demon reject the name Ogrid, Jr. in favor of the shortened Og, he refuses the kingship and busts out through the back of the museum to go on an angry rampage through the city and country.

When Ogrid catches up with his son in a dairy farmer's field, a demon battle ensues. Noticing that Eli and Kira have also arrived on the scene, Ogrid and Og concentrate their energy blasts on the two anawim. When Eli and Kira kneel to pray for help, the energy blasts intended for them miss the two angels and hit Ogrid and Og instead, vaporizing both the two demons as well as Ogrid's pendulum.


  • Ogrid's pendulum resembles the style of the small glowing globes suspended from the large bones sticking out of his back.

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