"Don't use that tone with me young man." - Ogrid to Og


OGRID was the ruler of the Slither Demons. His son is Og. He and Og eventually broke out into a small battle, in which both were killed.


Ogrid ruled the Slither Demons for many years. After some time, he wanted to retire and so decided to awaken Og, his son who was disguised as a dinosaur in a museum. However, when Og awoke he went on a rampage and destroyed some of the city. Ogrid then attacked Og in a dairy farmer's field. However, upon seeing the Anawim Eli and Kira, they attacked them on opposite sides. Eli and Kira looked to The Maker for guidance so when Og and Ogrid shot at the anawim they accidentally killed each other.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Ogrid carried a small circular object in his hand which he could fire lasers out of.


  • Ogrid claims his son to be the cousin of Goliath.
  • Ogrid does not walk but instead he floats.

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