"Og no like that name!"- Og to the demon overlord Ogrid

OG was a dinosaur-like demon that was awakened by Ogrid. After


telling Ogrid that he didn't want to be ruler of the Slither Demons, he went on a rampage until stopped by Eli and Kira. He is sometimes called Ogrid Jr.


Og was originally disguised as a dinosaur in a museum. He was awaken by Ogrid using a magic pendulum when Ogrid wished to retire from his position as ruler of the Slither Demons. Og, however, did not wish to become their leader and instead went on a rampage. He crushed Norman's car and devoured all the food in a snack truck. Eli and Kira attempted to stop him without heeding Michael's advice to first ask for guidance from The Maker. Og defeated Eli easily but Kira made him slip on ice tripping him up. Kira then slings a hockey puck at Og but he catches it and threw it at Eli knocking him unconscious. Og is later attacked by Ogrid in a farmer's field outside the city, and Og destroys the slither demons. Eli and Kira then attack both of them during a battle and Og and Ogrid accidentally fire at each other killing them both.


Og did not want to be ordered to do things. Rather, he preferred to do whatever he pleased. The only time he does someone else's bidding is when it is something he wants to do.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Og could fire beams out of his eyes that scorch and kill. He used his arms to smash things as well. He was also very heavy as he made large pits in local roads. He also crushed a snack truck and ate all the snacks.


  • Og once said "I want to do what my heart pleases," even though he does not have a heart.

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