"He knocked my eye out!" - Octopulous

Eye Ripwing







Weapon of Choice


OCTOPULOUS is the second in command of the Ripwings. He has an eye the transmits videos to another screen.


Octopulous was given a special eye by the Ripwing Leader. In The Messengers episode Return to Sender, Octopulous and the other Ripwings try to stop Messengers Ramuel and Cameron from delivering a message to a little girl. They stab Ramuel, knocking him to the ground. The ripwings surround the messengers but Ramuel uses a bottle of hope to fend of the ripwings making them unable to attack. After the hope fades, the ripwings attack again only to be stopped by Guardians Eli, Kira, and Swift. Swift creates a shield around the angels which the ripwings are unable to break. Octopulous then uses his eye to monitor the angels. Eli, Kira, and Cameron go underground to avoid the ripwings while Swift takes Ramuel to fight the ripwings. Swift defeats many ripwings but is stabbed from behind by Octopulous who delivers them to the Ripwing Leader. Octopulous later sees Eli and Kira trying to get his attention but focus his attention on Cameron. Octopulous chases Cameron but crashes and falls to the ground and his eye pops out. Octopulous is later disintegrated with the other ripwings when the message is delivered and hope is released.


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