Norman Kuburt
Class Cosmetic Scientist
Rank Leader or otherwise person in Command
Weapon of Choice None
Wingspan N/A
Vehicle Car
Color N/A
Height Unknown

"Good bye Professor Destiny, Hello Victoria." - Norman

NORMAN KUBURT is a cosmetic scientist who ends up being part of Cubus's plan to awake Morg.


Norman was a scientist who worked with his robot Muriel. One day they made an untested Cream that had the ability to change skin tissue. When Cubus, disguised as the beautiful Victoria Styles, (Norman dropped his mouth and a potion in shock because she is famous) appeared to him and told him to bring the cream to a fashion show but Norman told her it had negative effects. Cubus gave him a airplane ticket to the show anyway. Later, Norman met Victoria but did not bring the cream. Angrily, Victoria snatched the ticket and drove off in her car. Norman then put the cream on himself and chased Victoria's car even through red lights. Unseen by Norman, his energy was used to awaken Morg through a neck lace that he wore. Fortunately, Kira shot the necklace off Norman and he realized what was happening and stopped pursuing Cubus. He then returned to his lab and locked up the new cream. Norman is briefly seen in The Messengers when his car is smashed by Og.


  • Norman was often called Nordstrom, Newman, Norland or Norbert by Cubus.
  • The airplane ticket said Debon Air, a possible pun on the word debonair.
  • Norman's surname "Kuburt" may be a pun on the classic video game Q*bert.
  • Norman is voiced by Wally Wingert.

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