"Victoria is gunna love my new car." - Norman Kuburt.
Norman Car

Kira at Norman's car

NORMAN'S CAR is seen in the episodes About Face and A Bone To Pick.


Norman's first vehicle in Angel Wars is a black sports car. After the demon Cubus (disguised as entrepreneur and supermodel Victoria Styles) invites Norman on a business trip with her, Norman gets in his sports car and waits outside the Styles Cosmetics building for Victoria to come out. Seeing Norman, Victoria asks if he's brought the skin rejuvenating cream with him, but he tells her it still isn't ready yet for mass market consumption. Victoria rebuffs him, then jumps in her limo and takes off.

Tiring of being pushed around his entire life, Norman drives back to the lab and slathers his own face in the unstable skin rejuvenating cream. Looking in the mirror and pleased with the results, Norman gets in his vehicle and drives recklessly around the city in an effort to catch up with Victoria. He is so blinded by his obsession not be overlooked in life that he runs a red light on the street and drives into oncoming traffic in a tunnel so that he can speed around other drivers and catch up with Victoria.

After Kira uses her powers to break off the invisible collar around Norman's neck, she warns Norman not to
"leave [him]self behind," meaning that he shouldn't pretend to be someone else to please Victoria. Norman then pulls over at the next open spot and decides to return to the lab.

Norman's second vehicle, this time a yellow sports car, is seen in "A Bone to Pick." When the rampaging demon Og busts out of the Grant Valley Museum of Natural History, it trudges around town, stomping on everything in its path. Just as Norman walks out to his parking spot next to the street and tells himself, "Victoria's gonna love my new car," the invisible (to humans) demon Og stomps on the vehicle and walks away. Unable to guess what destroyed his car, Norman mutters, "What the ...?"


  • Both cars are shown to hover.

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