"Just like that." - Mr. McLardy

Mr. McLardy
Class Human
Rank Pilot
Weapon of Choice None
Wingspan N/A
Vehicle Freight carrier
Color Orange
Height {{{height}}}

MR. McLARDY is an experienced pilot who gets arrested on the lunar colony when he does not follow the law by going through inspections.


In Episode 2: Blue Moon, Mr. McLardy fails student pilot Armstrong when she crash lands her ship and fails her piloting license test. Under the influence of Morg, he tells Armstrong that if she flies his robot to the moon then he will give her a piloting license. However when they arrive at the moon they must go through inspections if they are carrying mechanical devices such as the robot. Mr. McLardy tells Armstrong to pretend they do not have any mechanical devices. However Arianna convinces her not to lie and so she turns around. Unfortunately, Morg makes the ship crash and unleashes the robot they delivered on the moon. Mr.McLardy runs as fast as he can away from the robot with the other citizens on the lunar colony. They are all saved by Armstrong when she lands her ship at the moon base and picks up all the pilots. Mr. Mclardy is then arrested for the illegal transport of mechanical devices.


  • Mr.McLardy is voiced by John Smith.

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