G2 energy mk


Artillery Chariot


49 cubits


61 cubits


Energy Cannon

The MERK-7 is Swift's artillery chariot with a powerfull energy cannon. The Merk-7 played a vital role in the battle between Morg and the angels when it destroyed the pillars supporting the Valkawa Underworld and crushing the stone-infested demon Morg.

Description Edit

This powers armament is is surprisingly for a pontoon mounted cannon chariot. Piloted by the angel Swift, the Merk-7 is called in when extra firepower is required in short to medium range encounters. Folding wings allow this brawny chariot to be docked in cruiser bays giving it increased range and versatility.


Merk 7


The Merk-7 was used by Swift to fight Morg. Even though it had a powerful Energy Cannon it was not enough to stop Morg. So Michael ordered Swift to shoot the pillars that held the chamber in which they fought. The Merk-7's powerful cannon destroyed all the pillars but Arianna ordered Swift to wait to destroy the last pillar because Michael was still in the beast of Morg. However in desperation Swift fired the shot that brought the chamber down on Morg and Michael.

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