The LITTLE GIRL'S MOTHER was the parent of both the little girl and her seriously ill brother. Technically, she
made an appearance in the episode Return to Sender, but the audience never really got a clear view of her face.


The little girl's mother was shown briefly with her daughter just as Eli and Kira walked into the boy's room in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit. She appeared to be dealing with some bad news from the doctor about her son's c

The little girl and her mother, possibly receiving bad news from the doctor.

ondition, as she put her head dejectedly into her hands after receiving the news. Hearing her brother's unfavorable prognosis evidently nudged the little girl to want to sit by her brother's bedside and pray for his condition to improve, and so the girl asked to see him. Her mother granted the child permission, but told her she could only sit with her brother for a little while.

Fortunately, while the little girl prayed for her sick brother, Eli and Kira delivered the message that messenger angels Ramuel and Cameron were originally dispatched to relay. When Eli unfurled the scroll and told the girl, "He's going to be okay," she smiled and lit up the entire city with her hope.

Mother and daughter then left the hospital to go to church, presumably to pray for the boy. Upon entering the church, the girl asked her mother, "Can you hear them?" The mother responded tenderly, "Hear who, my love?" The girl then replied, "Angels!"


  • When Eli excitedly told Cameron how cool it was when the scroll's message was read to the little girl, Eli said that "there was this huge glow. And then it spread to everyone else in the room, and they started to glow." There was a good chance that the other people in the room Eli was referring to were the little girl's mother and, possibly, the doctor.

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