The LITTLE GIRL'S BROTHER is the (presumably) older brother of the little girl. He is shown to be very ill and lying in the Intensive
Care Unit of the hospital in the episode Return to Sender.


Not much is known about the reason the girl's brother ended up in the hospital, but as he was lying in the hospital's ICU, his condition was evidently very serious. While messenger anawim Cameron drew away the ripwing demons, who were trying to stop an encouraging message about the boy's healing from reaching the little girl, Eli and Kira took the real scroll message to the hospital. Shortly after Eli and Kira entered the boy's room at the ICU, ripwing demons began crawling out of the walls to prevent the message from being relayed.

The little girl asked her mother if she may go see her brother now, and the mother said yes. As the girl prayed by her brother's bedside, Eli read the scroll's message to her, which read: "He's going to be okay." The girl evidently heard the message very clearly in her spirit, as the entire city lit up with hope when she heard the message.


  • If you look closely, on the other side of the boy's curtain in the ICU, the little girl and her mother appeared to be receiving some bad news about the boy's condition from his doctor, as the mother put her head in her hands when she heard it. Thus, the message the anawim brought to the little girl was important in giving the family hope that the boy would eventually recover.

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