Little Girl
(AW) little girl
Class Human
Rank None
Weapon of Choice None
Wingspan None
Vehicle Feet
Color None
Height Unknown
"Can't you hear them?" -Little Girl

"Hear what?" -Mother

"Angels!" -Little Girl

The LITTLE GIRL is the person who Eli and Kira deliver the scroll to.


This young little girl is never named in the movie but is first seen in the episode Sticking Together. In this episode she chooses to clean a street filled of litter. Eli and Kira are assigned to protect and watch over her. She eventually finishes cleaning the street with the help of an old man. In the episode Return to Sender, the young girl is worried because her older brother is dying. Messenger Angels Ramuel and Cameron must deliver a message to her and avoid the Ripwing Leader and his army. After a small battle however, Eli and Kira successfully deliver a message to her. This message is: "he's going to be okay." Because of that message of hope, the ripwings disintegrated. Afterward, the little girl and her mother go to the church and she proclaims, "Angels."


  • The little girl seems to have a strong Christian character while all the other humans seem to be more easily influenced by evil.
  • She also heard Kira talking to herself in sticking together.

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