"Eli wait!" - Kira often to Eli

KIRA is Eli's partner yet is wiser and more cautious.

Kira face
Class Powers
Rank Anawim
Weapon of Choice Crossbow
Wingspan N/A
Vehicle Wingboard
Color Green
Height 5ft 6in


Naturally disciplined and whip-smart, Kira got to where she is by hard work, study and practice - she graduated top of her class at The Academy. She often doubles (even triples) prepares for her assignments, and she has a knack for knowing all kinds of interesting factoids about any particular situation. Friendly and inviting, Kira always looks for the good in others, even if she has a hard time seeing it on herself.


Kira was a star student at The Academy and was selected to be in The Guardian Force along with her partner Eli.

Episode 1Edit

In episode 1 they start in a simulation trying to protect a young boy, Kira obeys orders but when she finds an Obsidian Minion Eli abandons her and fights the demons Kira eventually follows Eli but forgets about the boy who steals candy and leaves. Arianna then walks into the simulator a corrects all of Kira's and Eli's mistakes.She also threatens to send the anawim back to the kingdom. Swift then has all the angels report to Michael's chamber. Michael gives Kira and Eli a mission to take picture of

Eli and Kira receive their assignment

advertisements on their DRPs so they deploy immediately. On the Earth, Kira is taking pictures correctly while Eli fights his shadow. After a long while, Kira's DRP runs out of memory and so she asks Eli for his. Eli left it at the other side of the city so he jumps on his Wingboard to find it. Kira is suddenly attacked by Shadow who captures her and Eli and takes them to the Appollyon. At the Appollyon, Kira and Eli break free of their bonds but are attacked by Morg. Kira agrees to find Norman Kuburt the scientist whose negative energy is powering Morg while Eli fights Morg. Kira finds Norman going crazy and driving his car way over the speed limit. Kira is attacked

by shadow but is able to wrap some of the strings he has on his tail to her wingboard and sends him flying. She is attacked by Cubus who is disguised as Victoria Styles but manages to destroy the necklace around Norman's neck that channels the negative energy and ultimately defeats Morg.

Episodes 2 and 3Edit

Like Eli, Kira does not have many roles in episode 2. Kira does get to pilot The Seven when the angels enter the Valkawa Underworld Nethercell in episode 3 however.

Kira on her wingboard

Some Sound AdviceEdit

In the episode, Some Sound Advice Kira plays the flute and is really bad at the beginning but gets better as she practices.

A Bone to PickEdit

In the episode A Bone To Pick, Kira and Eli work together to take down the massive dinosaur-like demon Og and the old Ogrid. Kira leads Og to a hockey rink where he falls then has a novel idea. She makes a sling out of a net and takes a hockey puck and fires it at Og. Og catches the puck however and knocks Eli unconscious. Eli and Kira defeat the demons when instead of relying on their own strength ask The Maker for help and guidance.

Be Careful What you Wish ForEdit

In the episode Be Careful What You Wish For, Kira is the first to notice something wrong with Eli and to find out about his wings. She promises not to tell anyone about Eli's Wings. Eli's wings end up corrupting him as he constantly lashes out at Kira. In the end, Eli and Kira fight, and Kira goes unconscious but Michael stops Eli.

Sticking TogetherEdit

In the episode Sticking Together, Eli and Kira must protect a little girl who is cleaning up trash. But Eli runs off chasing little bugs and deviating from his mission. Kira then finds the source of the green goo bugs and she and Eli work together to defeat the queen.

Return to SenderEdit

In the episode Return to Sender, Eli, Kira, and Swift must protect messengers Ramuel and Cameron from enemy Ripwings. Swift sends Cameron, Eli, and Kira to deliver the message while he buys them time. Kira, Cameron, and Eli travel underground to avoid ripwings but are attacked by a giant trash monster so they retreat to ground level. Cameron then distracts the ripwings while Kira and Eli deliver the message to a little girl (the same one they looked after earlier) whose brother was dying. The message gave her hope and the hope made the ripwings disintegrate.


Kira has always been wise and smart which she uses in her missions. She disapproves of Eli's rash ways but often does not act in time. Kira will generally not deviate from her mission and is a brave fighter.
Kira (AW)

Kira's Redemption Card

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Kira's primary weapon is Honu her crossbow. She is briefly shown with a sword in Episode 1 when she fights Morg. Kira also has a Wingboard, binoculars, and a DRP. One time Kira shot a blast of energy shaped like the guardian force symbol out of her hand to destroy the necklace around Norman's neck.



  • Kira means light and angels are described as having the appearance of lightning as in Matthew 28.
  • Kira's favourite Bible verse is Psalms 37:34 which says "Don't be impatient for the Lord to act! Travel steadily on his path.
  • Kira is voiced by Nanci Johnson
  • Kira appears to be trained as a pilot as she pilots the Seven.

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