"This is Katana. It may look small but thanks to its vibrating blade it can cut through anything." -Eli on Katana

Katana is Eli's sword. Katana has a special vibrating part of the blade that allows it to cut through virtually anything.
Eli uses Katana to fight Morg and many other demons. Katana is a rather short sword.

Example UsageEdit

Eli smacks Cubus in the forehead with Katana making her fly through a window.


Eli can make Katana appear and disappear at will. When Eli is corrupted by his Wings he shoots fire out of Katana at Kira.


  • A katana is one of the many swords a samurai would use.
  • Katana has two different Redemption Cards titled "Sword of the fighter" and "Sword of the Guardian"
  • When Eli mentions Katana's vibrating blade, it may be a reference to the Star Wars Vibroblade.

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