Eli's Wings are false imitation Wings that he received from a corrupted version of himself.
Eli wings

Eli with fake wings


Eli's false wings were given to him by a corrupted version of himself. He tried to justify having the wings by the fact that he used them to help humans, like an elderly woman crossing the street and a group of firefighters. The wings slowly corrupted him and gave him strange visions. He often times had to hide in the Empty Room so the other Angels could not find him. Kira was the first to find out about his false wings. Eli's false wings were later removed with the help of Michael


  • Eli could not control when the wings open or closed which caused many problems for him.
  • The wings always closed when an angel walked by, untill he fights Kira.
  • The wings are much more mechanical than the real wings and the feathers don't glow.

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