"I got to haul this robot to the moon." -Mr. McLardy

The ILLEGAL ROBOT is a highly sophisticated robot that Mr. McLardy transported to the moon. The robot was later transformed by Morg.

The Illegal Robot


After student pilot Armstrong failed her piloting test for her license, Mr. McLardy, under the influence of Morg offered to give Armstrong her license if she hauled a robot to the Lunar Colony. Armstrong reluctantly agreed and they set a course for the moon. Before landing on the moon they had to go through an inspection to check for problems on mechanical devices such as the robot. Mr. McLardy then tries to get Armstrong to lie that they have no mechanical devices on their ship. Fortunately, Arianna influenced Armstrong not to lie so she made the decision to fly away from the lunar colony. Unfortunately, Morg smashed an engine which made the ship crash on the moon. morg then went into the cargo hold of the ship and used the stone to transform the robot into an attack robot. When Armstrong crash landed on the moon the robot started attacking the Lunar Colony. Arianna then summoned Paladin and Michael to her aid her by fighting the robot. The Robot smashed much of the moon base but Paladin used his starblades to destroy the weapons on the robot. Unfortunately, the robot transformed into a vehicle with mouths that could smash the Humans. Paladin and Michael destroyed the robot by making it go onto weak platforms, and these platforms eventually broke which sent the robot plummeting to destruction.


The illegal robot had a chainsaw, a circle saw, a flamethrower, and a drill. When its weapons were destroyed it grew mouths and a large tail because of the foundation stone.


  • It is unknown what the robot was actually meant to do.

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