"Hope keeps me coming back." - Ramuel, to the Ripwing Leader

HOPE is the belief in or anticipation of a positive outcome to one's own or others' life circumstances. In the context of Angel Wars, hope was a supernatural force that, in sufficient quantities, was able to destroy legions of demonic entities.


In the episode Return to Sender, messenger angels Ramuel and Cameron were responsible for delivering an important message of hope to a little girl deeply worried about her brother's ill health at a hospital. While running their errand, Ramuel and Cameron got cornered by some ripwing demons and ended up pinned behind enemy lines. As messenger angels did not fight, Ramuel protected himself and his anawim Cameron by using bottled hope on their foes. Doing so bought Cameron time enough to call in some guardian angels for back up.

When the guardians Swift, Eli, and Kira showed up, Swift ordered Eli and Kira to assist Cameron in delivering the message while Swift flew Ramuel to safety. Unfortunately, Swift fell prey to the ripwings' stinging attacks and fell hard to the ground with Ramuel, whom Swift was trying to rescue. The ripwings brought back the two angels to the ripwing leader, who proceeded to tie his hostages up tightly. While mocking his prisoners, the ripwing leader asked Ramuel what kept him coming back, given that many humans chose to ignore the celestial messages Ramuel and his fellow messengers angels communicated to people. Without missing a beat, Ramuel answered decidedly, "Hope keeps me coming back."

Meanwhile, Eli, Kira, and Cameron traveled underground in the sewers, following the scroll's leading as to which direction to take. They encountered a trash monster in the filthy sewers, but newly confident Cameron was able to carry Eli and Kira over his shoulder and dash up the walls of the sewer until they were above ground again. Cameron then darted over to a church, drawing the ripwing demons away from Eli and Kira, who really did have the scroll.

Eli and Kira made it to the hospital on time and delivered the following message to the little girl worried about her brother's health: "He's going to be okay." When she heard these comforting words, the hope that emananted from her spirit filled up the entire room, enveloping the little girl's mother as well. The blinding light from the girl's hope continued to flow out into all corners of the city, neutralizing every demon in its path, including the the ripwing leader with Cameron in the church and the demons guarding Ramuel and Swift in the ripwing leader's lair. When Swift saw one of the demons disintegrate right before his eyes, he asked Ramuel, "What is this?" Smiling, Ramuel replied, "This, my friend, is hope."


  • Although visible as light to spiritual entities like angels and demons, hope was invisible to human beings.
  • The power of hope is validated by the bible in 1 Corinthians 13, "At last these three things remain, Faith HOPE, and Love."

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