"You're wasting your time. You're never gonna pick up all that garbage." - Homeless man to Little Girl

The HOMELESS MAN is a street person who heckles the Little Girl as she tries to clean up an inner-city street in the episode Sticking Together.


Using a pick pole to collect trash, a little girl ventures off into a deserted city street one evening to tidy things up and do a good deed. A homeless man ridicules her from the sidewalk, taunting that there is so much garbage in the street, she'll never have enough time to pick it all up. At first the little girl is fazed at the man's criticism, but she soon shakes off his negativity and continues with her errand.

At the end of Sticking Together, the homeless man is shown once again gibing her about how she'll never be able to pick up all the trash in the street. The little girl realistically concedes that he is right, but also says that she can try her best to tidy up the street by clearing up one piece of garbage at a time. Touched by her perseverance, the homeless man grabs a trash bag and pick pole himself and joins her in her sweep of the street.


  • As the homeless man is dressed in what was once probably a nice suit, it is likely he was a professional of some sort before he fell on hard times and found himself living in the street.
  • The homeless man is reading a newspaper that says "city in despair as bailout stalls".

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