Class Demon
Rank Lord
Weapon of Choice Staff
Wingspan N/A
Vehicle Graven's Command Base
Color N/A
Height Unknown
"Remind them of fear." -Graven to Admiral

GRAVEN is one of the enemies of the angels and appears in episode 2.


Graven was little more than a low level minion until he got his hands on a powerful pre-fall power stone. Only able to harness a small fraction of the stone's power, he still rose to power over a sect of panic minions by instilling fear in a primitive island chain.


Graven was little more than a low level minion until he got his hands on the powerful foundation stone. He then rose to power and commanded a brigade of Panic Demons. They worked together in a floating base to inflict fear on a small village, causing them to worship him.
Graven (AW)

Graven's Redemption card

However they quickly forgot about Graven, so he decided to teach them a lesson.Using the power of the stone, Graven made a mountain erupt and deployed a squad of panic demons. However, Swift smashed his hammer into the ground which created a crater that pushed the lava in to the ocean. Then Swift skillfully threw his hammer and took out the Panic Demons. Swift then boarded Graven's base and destroyed his Panic Demons and Admiral. Graven then used his staff with the stone in it to push Swift back he then ran through the corridors until he crashed into Morg. Morg took the stone and killed Graven.


Graven believes that fear is the greatest way to influence Humans. Graven is somewhat reckless and cowardly.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Graven wielded a staff in which he stored the Foundation Stone. This staff could shoot blasts of energy. Graven also used the stone to make a volcano erupt.


  • Graven is based on the biblical teaching that sacrifices to idols or graven images are really sacrificed to demons as said in Leviticus 17 and Deuteronomy 32.
  • Graven is voiced by Dave Thomas.

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