The GRANT VALLEY MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY is a city building featured in the episodes A Bone to Pick and Be Careful What You Wish For.


In "A Bone to Pick," Eli and Kira noticed some strange demonic activity near a museum renovation. As there were no living souls at the museum to attack, and the construction crew already went home, the anawim wondered why demons would be haunting the building. Eli and Kira argued as to which one of them should submit a report to Michael, and Eli suggested that the first one back to the Seven gets to present the report.

Meanwhile, inside the museum, two Slither Demons led their lord Ogrid over to what looked to be a sauropod dinosaur display. Ogrid informed the Slither Demons that he wished to retire as king and have his long-dead son Og take over for him. Using his magic pendulum, Ogrid reanimated the dinosaur bone display and ordered his son to take over the family business. Og vehemently refused, busting through the back wall of the museum instead.

In the episode, Be careful what you wish for, Eli accepted a fake set of wings from a demon and began flying around the city looking for humans to rescue. Eli stopped an elderly lady from crossing the street in front of the Grant Valley Museum and into the path of an oncoming bus by grabbing her walker so she would not enter the crosswalk.


  • According the museum's banners, the dinosaur exhibit ran from November 12 to December 31
  • The museum appears to be under construction.

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