The FIREFIGHTERS were a group of humans Eli helped and protected using his fake wings in the episode Be Careful What You Wish For.


At the beginning of the episode, a demon who looked exactly like Eli offered him a fake set of wings, and he took them, reluctantly at first. He then flew around town, searching for human beings to help and rescue. After preventing an elderly woman from crossing the street in front of a museum and into the path of an oncoming bus, Eli saw smoke rising from a huge fire in another part of town and flew down to help.

When he reached the scene of the conflagration, he put himself between the flames of the building's fire and the firefighters, using his wings to protect the firefighters from getting singed. The firefighters looked at one another in wonder than none of them got hurt. Then, while the fire engine's water cannon was running full blast at the fire, Eli assisted by using his wings to snuff out the flames.


  • The firefighters appear to have been from fire hall 5.

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