"Haven't you waited long enough?" - False Eli tempts Eli with the fake wings

FALSE ELI was the demon who tempted Eli with a set of wings in the episode Be Careful What You Wish For.


After Eli and Kira had a difficult battle with some demons in the city, Eli complained that having wings would make it a lot easier to defeat their demonic foes. Kira told Eli that they just needed to be patient, and he grudgingly agreed. When Kira offered to race Eli back to the Seven, Eli told her to go on ahead without him, as he wanted to check out something suspicious in one of the city's dark alleys.

Eli flew on his wingboard down to an alley behind what looked to be a restaurant. Much to his astonishment, a spiritual entity looking exactly like Eli emerged from the shadows and offered Eli a set of fake wings. As an anawim, Eli didn't have wings and desperately wanted them. At first, Eli turned the demon and the wings down, but when a teenage boy came out of a door into the alley to dump some garbage and a metal silo looked like it would fall on him, Eli accepted the wings so he could shield the boy from injury.

When it became clear that Eli wanted to keep the fake wings, the False Eli demon disappeared.


  • False Eli is only seen at the beginning of the episode, unlike most of the other demons Eli encounters.
  • The False Eli is red instead of Eli's normal yellow.

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