Blue moon is the second Angel Wars DVD it is an extension of the story that started in Episode 1.

Episode 2

Episode 2 case


Graven and Admiral make a volcano erupt by using a Foundation Stone and then unleash Panic Demons on speeders. Swift, however, attacks Graven and destroys his ship and Panic Demons. Graven tries to run but crashes into Morg who takes the stone from him and kills him. Swift then is knock unconscious by Morg. Paladin finds Que and takes him into custody. Que confesses that he built a power socket for Graven. Meanwhile, two pilots Armstrong and Mr. McLardy are going through a pilot license test. After failing to land properly, Mr.McLardy fails Armstrong yet promise that if she flies a robot to the moon he will give her a license. When they arrive at the lunar colony, they must go through inspection if they hold mechanic objects such as their robot. Morg however influences them to lie. Arianna fortunately fights Morg and Armstrong turns the ship around but crashes into the lunar colony. Morg then unleashes the Illegal Robot but it had been transformed by the stone into an attack robot. Meanwhile, Michael thinks back on all the fun times he had with Morgan who is now Morg. His thoughts are interrupted when he and Pal must are summoned by Arianna to help fight the robot. Arianna then chases after Morg. Michael and Pal defeat the robot and Armstrong rescues the citizens of the lunar colony. Arianna finds Morg. Morg had built a giant cannon aimed at the Earth. Arianna destroyed the cannon but Morg captured her with the stone. Swift then recovers from his injury and Michael then decides tells the angels to prepare The Seven for war. Michael then leaves the Seven to go find Morg.


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