About Face is the first episode of Angel Wars it mainly focuses on Eli and Kira.

Episode 1

Episode 1 case


Eli and Kira start out in a training mission in which they are assigned to guard an eleven-year-old boy. Kira does not deviate from her mission but at the sight of an Obsidian Minion he charges for him. Eli however, finds himself outnumbered by the obsidian minions as they slowly De-cloak themselves. Eli then uses his DRP to make false images of himself to distract the Obsidian Minions while he destroys them. Unfortunately, the boy Eli was supposed to protect fell into temptation and stole candy from a store. The training mission ends and Arianna enters the training room and corrects their mistakes. Archangel Michael then has the angels come to his chamber where he gives them their assignments. Swift is given a mission to stop Graven. Paladin must do traffic duty as a punishent for buzzing the tower. Arianna must intercept cargo. Eli and Kira are given an assignment to take pictures of advertisements on their DRP's to better understand where Humans place their priorities. Meanwhile, Cubus and Shadow find a lost soul named Norman Kuburt. Cubus planned to use Norman to channel negative energy into Morg. Norman then walks to his office when he sees Cubus disguised as Victoria Styles Norman in shock drops a potion accidentally and tell her of a Skin Changing Cream and Victoria sounds interested. Unseen by Norman, Cubus plants a worm-like necklace that can channel negative energy into the lotion. Norman the says the potion is not complete because it has negative effects. Victoria then walks away but gives Norman an airplane ticket to a fashion show. Norman later tries to connect with Victoria but tells her that he is not going to bring the cream. Kira as usual is doing her mission and taking pictures of advertisements but Eli is fighting his shadow. Kira then asks Eli for his DRP since hers is out of memory. Eli tells her that he left at a billboard on the other side of the city. Eli leaves and Kira is secretly captured by Shadow. Eli finds his DRP but also finds Cubus trying to influence Norman Eli fights Cubus but Shadow captures Eli. Meanwhile, Norman makes up his mind to use the cream
Shadow, Eli, and Kira

Shadow taunting captive Kira and Eli.

on himself. The necklace snaps on his neck and the negative energy goes into Morg which awakens him. In the Appollyon, Eli and Kira break free of their bonds but are cornered by Morg. Morg defeats Eli and Kira quickly so Kira decides to fist stop Norman while Eli fights Morg. Norman has gone crazy and is driving his car to catch up with Victoria. Kira finds Norman but is attacked by Shadow but Kira ties Shadow to her Wingboard and sends him flying. Eli fights Morg with his DRP but even Eli cannot defeat him. Morg then prepares to take the final blow. Kira however destroys the necklace which causes Morg to fall to the ground. Eli and Kira later see that Norman is safe. As they talk over the mission, they suddenly find Michael right behind them. He congratulates them and then quickly flies off.



Angel Wars Trailer

Angel Wars Trailer

This is the trailer that for Angel Wars episode 1.

Notice that the verse in the beginning says Ephesians 16:4 instead of Ephesians 6:12.

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Angel Wars - Guardian Force - Episode 1-1

Angel Wars - Guardian Force - Episode 1-1

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