"You're no cherub." -Eli to Que.

ELI is an anawim and is Kira's partner. Eli has ALWAYS wanted his own wings.

Eli 2
Class Powers
Rank Anawim
Weapon of Choice Sword
Wingspan N/A
Vehicle Wingboard
Color Yellow
Height 5ft 9in


Brave and a little more pretentious, Eli seeks respect and glory whenever he is in battle. Though his battle skills are unmistakable, his reliance on natural talent is holding him back. He is a fierce and resourceful competitor who's pride is easily bruised, a source of much humour when he falls short of his own lofty goals. But while Eli loves taking down the bad guys, there is something else he wants more... his wings.


Episode 1Edit

In Episode 1 Eli and Kira start in a simulation in which they must protect a young eleven-year-old boy. In this simulation, Eli and Kira have been told to, "observe and evaluate," something easy for Kira but very annoying for Eli. When Kira spots an Obsidian Minion, Eli immediately runs into the candy shop the boy is in and engages the Obsidian Minion. Unfortunately, Eli finds himself outnumbered by Obsidian Minion simulations. Fortunately, Eli uses his DRP camera to make holographic images of himself which the demons shoot at while Eli kills the demons. After cleanly disposing the demons, Kira walks in just as the boy they were supposed to protect steals candy and escapes. Arianna then enters the simulation room a corrects Eli's mistakes. Swift then orders all the angels to Michael's
Eli Fighting

Eli in battle

chamber. Michael gives Eli and Kira an assignment to take pictures of advertisement so that they can know where humans place priorities. Eli and Kira fly down to Earth on their Wingboards and Kira takes pictures while Eli lazes around fighting his shadow. When Kira's DRP camera is full she asks Eli for his but Eli says he lost it at a cosmetics lab so Eli sets out to find it. Eli finds his DRP but also finds Cubus trying to influence the young scientist Norman Kuburt. Without hesitation, Eli attacks Cubus and throws her to the ground but Cubus escapes and Shadow captures Eli as well as Kira. Eli and Kira find themselves at the Appollyon with Morg Kira chooses to try to influence Norman and by doing so will cut off Morg's energy while Eli engages Morg. Although Eli puts up a good fight using his DRP to create false images of himself, Kira ultimately stops Morg by cutting off his power supply.

Episode 2Edit

Eli does not have many roles in episode 2.

Episode 3Edit

In episode 3, Swift orders Eli to man The Seven's lower guns while

Arianna corrects the Anawim

watching over Que to make sure he does not get into trouble. Eli reluctantly agrees and sits in the turret at the bottom of The Seven. When Morg throws a shard of metal at The Seven, Eli shoots at it but it still damages The Seven's engines. Eli and Que repair the engines and Eli ends up saving Que from being fried in the engine.

Some Sound AdviceEdit

In the episode Some Sound Advice, Eli is learning how to play the trumpet because it is a required if he is to get his wings. However, Eli is not good at the trumpet and thinks it is a stupid requirement. So Paladin tells Eli the story of how music saved The Seven which motivates Eli to do better.

A Bone to PickEdit

In the episode A Bone to Pick, Eli and Kira must stop a rampaging dinosaur-like demon named Og and his father the old Ogrid. Eli and Kira try many different things to stop them. They even try shooting hockey puck in a sling at Og but it bounces off of Og and hits Eli. While Eli is unconscious Michael comes to him in a vision and tells him the way to defeat his enemy is to ask The Maker for guidance and instruction. When Eli and Kira are surrounded by both Og and Ogrid Eli and Kira bow down and pray for help. Unseen by both of them a beam shot by Og aimed toward Eli hit Ogrid and a blast from Ogrid toward Kira hit Og and both demons fell.

Be Careful What You Wish ForEdit

In the episode Be Careful What You Wish For, Eli and Kira fight off a wave of demons. While Kira returns to
Eli bad

Eli with fake wings

The Seven Eli stays to train. Eli meets a dark version of himself with Wings. The evil Eli tells him that with wings you can save so many more people. Suddenly, Eli sees a teenager that is about to be killed the evil Eli gives Eli wings and Eli saves the boy. Eli gladly accepts his wings and saves lots of people. Unfortunately, Eli cannot control when he opens and closes them and must hide from the angels many times in The Seven's Empty Room. On one occasion, while Eli was in the Library, Kira found out about Eli's false wings. However, Kira promises not to tattle. Kira and Eli then ask Michael if there is any other way to get wings without earning them. Michael says that there are limitations of angel wings but are not as good. Eventually, Michael finds out about Eli's false wings while standing on a building with a sign that says "Good Deli". Eli then in anger attacks Michael but Michael dodges and Eli swings and Katana Eli's sword hits the "D" in the word Deli and Eli gets electrocuted. The shock makes his wings fall off of him and the "D" in Deli flickers out so that the sign says, "Good Eli".
Eli goo

Eli in Goo

Sticking TogetherEdit

In the episode Sticking Together, Eli and Kira must guard a young girl who is picking up trash. Eli is suddenly attracted to a small, slimy, green bug. Although against their mission, Eli pursues it until he smacks it with his sword. Kira uses her helmet to find where the source of the green goo is. She and Eli then enter a building where they find the queen of the slimy bugs. Working individually, they are unable to defeat the queen, but after collaborating, they successfully manage to destroy the queen.

Return to SenderEdit

In the episode Return to Sender, Eli, Kira, and Swift are called to protect messengers Ramuel and Cameron from Ripwings. When the angels arrive, they find Ramuel injured, so
Eli (AW)

Eli's Redemption Card

Swift tells Eli, Kira, and Cameron to deliver the message while he buys them time. Eli, Kira, and Cameron travel underground through a series of tunnels. Unfortunately, Cameron drops the scroll with the message into a trash pile guarded by a giant trash monster. Eli saves the scroll, but the anawim must retreat to ground level. Cameron then distracts the Ripwings while Eli and Kira deliver the message to a young girl with a dying brother. Eli then reads the scroll which says, "He's going to be okay." with that message of hope all the enemy ripwings disintegrate into dust.


Eli wants his wings more than anything and is obsessed with swords. Eli always wants to be in the fight and dislikes when he must study or do things that do not involve fighting. He is also very rash, impatient, and headstrong. However, Eli will easily complete his mission if it includes fighting.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Eli is a skilled fighter with his sword Katana. His equipment also includes a Wingboard and DRP.


"When do we get to bring some fire and brimstone to the bad guys?" -Eli to Kira



  • Eli means "lifted up"and angels will lift us up as said in Psalms.
  • Eli's favourite Bible verse is Ezra 10:4 which reads, "Rise up; this matter is in your hands. So take courage and do it."
  • Eli is voiced by Justin Moran

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