The ELDERLY WOMAN was a person Eli saved from being hit by a bus in the episode Be Careful What You Wish For.


After Eli succumbed to temptation and accepted a fake set of wings offered to him by a demon, Eli flew around the city looking for humans to rescue. Eli noticed an elderly lady crossing the street in front of the Grant Valley Museum and into the path of an oncoming bus. Eli prevented her from crossing the street by summoning all his might and holding her walker tightly so she could not move forward into the crosswalk. After the bus passed through Eli, another vehicle drove down the street and splashed Eli with muddy puddle water. Eli used his wings to shield the elderly lady from being splashed and in the process got himself splashed.


  • Technically, Eli didn't need to use his fake wings to save the elderly woman's life, only to shield her from being splashed with muddy puddle water.
  • The elderly lady's character model seems to be based on Armstrong's.

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