"The unbreakable sword is broken" -Discord to Paladin

DISCORD was an "invincible" demon but was killed by Paladin. He commanded the


demons at the front lines in The Great War.


Discord was a general in The Great War and commanded the demon ships at the front lines. Discord built a super-weapon that captured all the angel warships including The Awes. However, he was attacked by Paladin with the legendary unbreakable sword Caliburn. But when Paladin swung Caliburn when it came in contact with Discord it shattered, but Paladin was saved by Paddy when he smacked his hammer at the wall making a melodic sound which injured Discord. Discord retreated but returned to attack when he spotted Paddy, but he fell straight into Paladin's trap because Paladin had used the shards of Caliburn to make starblades that would bounce off pylons to make music. Discord's armor was destroyed and the mysterious small demon inside was revealed to be a rebellious Cherub. Thus, Paddy struck the last note with his wrench and the rebel vanished in Paladin's hands, his body dust.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Discord wielded a large club. He also had impressive armor that was tougher than Caliburn. Finally, he used The Wave-Pulse when destroying angel warships.


  • Discord means a confused or harsh sound or mingling of sounds.

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