The DINOSAUR DISPLAY is part of an exhibit at the Grant Valley Museum of Natural History containing the bones of
Slither Demon lord Ogrid's son Ogrid, Jr (Og). In the context of the Angel Wars episode A Bone to Pick, it is understood that "ignorant humans" have mistaken Og's fossilized remains for dinosaur bones and have arranged them incorrectly into what looks to be a sauropod dinosaur display.


Feeling that he is too old to continue with his merciless reign over the slither demons, Ogrid decides that he wants to retire. However, he does not want just anyone replace him as king; rather, he insists that his son Og, apparently suffering torment in hell at this point in the story, take over the family business. Ogrid meets with two slither demons at the Grant Valley Museum of Natural History to introduce his serpentine minions to their new leader.

Using demonic magic from his pendulum, Ogrid reanimates the bones of his long-dead son in the witness of the two slither demons. As the skeletal demon Og comes back to "life," the dinosaur bones rearrange dramatically, to the point that they do not resemble the original bone display at all. Much to Ogrid's surprise and chagrin, Og resents his father completely and refuses to take over leadership of the slither demons so that Ogrid may retire. Instead, Og busts out of the back wall of the museum and goes on an angry rampage through both city and country.


  • The dinosaur display seems to represent a diplodocus.

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