"More! Our lord demands more!" - Demon Jester to the squealor demons.


Demon Jester

The DEMON JESTER is the host of the entertainment in the Valkawa Underworld. He is unlike the other Squealor Demons because he is fat a short.


The Demon Jester is a demon of the Valkawa Underworld, and it can be argued he was chosen to be jester due to his lack of fighting skills. He hosted many duels, his last match hosted was the battle between Krak and Morg. After hearing that The Seven and its angels were attacking, the demon jester suggested to Morg that they retreat because they do not have enough power. Upon hearing the idea, Morg decided to consume the palace and all it's contents. The Demon realizes this, and attempts to flee Morg, only to be caught by Morg's jaws and be eaten. The rest of his species suffers the same fate, and are no more.


The Demon Jester is very respectful of the lord of the Valkawa underworld. He is quite entertaining and humorous in his own way.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

The demon jester has no weapons but he has an spherical orb that allows him to see different places. It resembles a Palantir.


  • The Demon Jester is voiced by M.J. Muldoon.

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