The DAIRY FARMER is the probable owner of the dairy farm petulant demon Og causes minor damage to in the Messengers episode A Bone to Pick.


After Ogrid, ruler of the Slither Demons, expresses his wish to retire and have his long dead son take over the family business, Ogrid enters the Grant Valley Museum of Natural History to bring his dead son (featured in a display) back to life using a magic pendulum. Still angry at this father, Og refuses to obey Ogrid's commands and bursts out of the museum and into the city streets. After rampaging through the city streets for a while, Og ends up in a dairy farmer's field outside the city and busts through the farmer's fence. Carrying two pails of what is likely feed for the cows, the farmer stares in disbelief at seeing his fence destroyed by an invisible force. He drops his pails and his lips start quivering as he surveys the damage, while twangy banjo music plays in the background.

Meanwhile, Ogrid has caught up with his son at the farm, and so have the anawim Eli and Kira, who are attempting to stop the demons. When Eli and Kira kneel to pray, the energy bolts the demons were shooting at the anawim miss them and hit the two demons instead, neutralizing them.


  • Ironically, the words "KEEP OUT" are painted in white on the side of the dairy barn
  • Outside of a demolished fence, miraculously little damage is done to the dairy farm for having been the site of a demon battle

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