"Oh my DRP's full" -Kira

DRPs are devices that can be used to take pictures and record videos. They can also project false images of the user
that can help during outnumbering battles.


Episode 1Edit

When Eli is outnumbered by many Obsidian Minions during a training mission, he uses his own DRP to make false images of himself. Then Kira uses it during another assignment given by Michael to take pictures of advertisements down on Earth. Lastly, Eli uses it when engaged in combat with the awakened Morg he once again uses it to makes false images to confuse Morg.

The MessengersEdit


Eli's DRP

In the Messengers, Eli uses his DRP to replay a battle between him and the demons Og and Ogrid


  • It is unknown if the other angels (besides Eli and Kira) use DRPs.
  • A DRP is like a cross between a holoprojector and a camera.
  • It is unknown what DRP stands for.

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