"Chaos can't be ruled" -Cubus to Shadow



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Weapon of Choice


CUBUS is Morg's second-in-command and awakens him in Episode 1.

Bio Edit

Once a gifted watcher before the fall Cubus was tempted by the allure of greater power and independence. She aligned herself with the infamous Morg quickly becoming his right hand.


Cubus first appears outside the Appollyon and smashes a sign that reads, "Traitor bound and imprisoned by order of the dragon." She then walks into the Appollyon and Shadow floats out of the ground. They go to the lifeless body of Morg and then Cubus points to a young man named Norman Kuburt. She and Shadow devise a plan to use Norman's negative energy to awaken and free Morg. Cubus then takes a worm-like necklace capable of channeling negative energy and then she and Shadow leave the Appollyon. Cubus then shape-shifted into the beautiful Victoria Styles and teleports to Norman's laboratory, Norman, after recovering from the shock of seeing her tells her of a rejuvenation cream that can change skin tissue. Cubus then puts the worm inside the lotion and tells Norman "You're only as good as you look," and to "Make the necessary changes," to the cream. Cubus however is attacked by the anawim Eli but she is able to influence Norman and escape while Shadow captures Eli.
Cubus (AW)

Cubus' redemption card

After a long while of thinking it over Norman uses the lotion and the worm-necklace snaps around his neck. Norman then wants to show his new appearance to Victoria or Cubus and crazily drives his car to meet up with her. But Kira advices him not to and destroys the necklace. Cubus then angrily drives away. The rest of her fate is unknown.


Cubus is a demon who has very different opinions then that of the Dragon. She almost adores Morg and dreams of a day when Morg is king and she is queen.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Cubus can fire blasts of energy out of her hands. She also has a worm-like necklace which can be used to channel negative energy. Additionally, she has the power to shape-shift. She also is very agile and flexible.


  • Although Cubus is a fictional name, her demonic influence on people is not.
  • Cubus is voiced by Jessica Gee.

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