"The Church." -Ripwing Leader

The CHURCH was the building to which Messenger angel Cameron ran at the end of the episode Return to Sender.


Charged with delivering an important message to a little girl, archangel Ramuel and his anawim Cameron hastened towards a local hospital with a host of ripwing demons following in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, nervous and fearful Cameron's wings failed to activate when he tried to fly over a building, and he fell hard to the ground. Ramuel scrooped up Cameron and carried him to the nearest safe hiding spot in a doorway. Startled at the growl of a nearby ripwing, Cameron clumsily dropped the scroll containing the message on the ground. Ramuel protected Cameron by pushing him out of the way and taking the ripwing's paralyzing sting instead of Cameron.

Trapped behind enemy lines, Ramuel activated a bottle of hope and told Cameron to call for guardian back up. Shortly after Cameron sent out the distress call, Swift, Eli, and Kira materialized quickly. Swift ordered Eli and Kira to assist Cameron in delivering the message while Swift flew Ramuel to safety. The three anawim traveled underground until they encountered a trash monster in the sewers. Cameron carried both Eli and Kira and raced up the walls of the sewer until they found themselves above ground again. Cameron acted as a decoy and pretended that he had the scroll so that the ripwings would pursue him instead of Eli and Kira, who really had the scroll and were heading towards the hospital to deliver the message.

Full of new confidence, Cameron darted towards a beautiful cathedral and slipped inside. The ripwing leader eventually showed up and demanded to know where the scroll was. The ripwing leader kept trying to grab Cameron, but he was impossible to catch. In his effort to seize Cameron, the ripwing leader knocked over a large cross.

Once Eli and Kira delivered the message to little girl, informing her that her sick brother would be all right, the entire city lit up with hope, neutralizing every ripwing in sight, including the the ripwing leader in the church with Cameron. Cameron sent a signal to Ramuel, and both he and Swift (who had been held hostage in the ripwing leader's lair) arrived at the church. Brawny Swift immediately picked up the cross and stood it upright again.

Some time later, Eli and Kira showed up at the church and described how beautiful it was when they read the happy message to the little girl. Cameron asked Eli and Kira how they were able to find him, since he only sent out a signal to Ramuel. Eli and Kira said they were following the little girl to the church. Just then, the child and her mother quietly entered the church, presumably to thank God for saving their family member. The girl looked towards the sanctuary and asked her mother, "Can you hear them?" When her mother asked the girl what she heard, she replied, "Angels!"


  • The church's architecture beautifully incorporated both modern and traditional themes in its design.

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